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Genoa produced the first cotton fabrics in the twelfth century dying them with indigo (which was already in use since 1040).
Since the XVth century the city produced beautiful and resistant fabrics, which conquered the European market.
The Genoese moleskin – appreciated in England for its good quality-price ratio – takes the name “Jean” (or “jeans”, “jeanes”) from the City of origin.
In the mid-1800s, “blue jeans” became popular in the USA as a work garment, but since the 1960s, Italians once again turned jeans into a fashionable garment.
In May 2021 Genoa will celebrate jeans through art, fashion, music, cinema, with a rich program of conferences dedicated to sustainability and b2b and b2c exhibition initiatives spread throughout the territory, capable of involving a varied audience, from baby boomers to gamers, passing through millennials.
GenovaJeans will be a great lively, fun and captivating event, aimed at enhancing the role of Genoa and Italy in the birth and development of the most popular garment in the world, an icon of Pop culture.
Specific focus will be dedicated to sustainability in the production of fabrics, aimed at improving producers’ performances and attracting consumers towards environmental responsibility.
ArteJeans, as part of the event ‘GenovaJeans ‘is a group exhibition where italian contemporary artists, in collaboration with Comune di Genova, and Tornabuoni Art Gallery London, will use the fabric provided by Candiani Denim, to create contemporary artworks that will be part of the exhibition ‘Blue Autumn of Genoa’ Show, that will take place at Museo di Villa Croce, from 29/09 to 17/01/2021.
The show is curated by Ursula Casamonti, TornabuoniArt, London UK.
Artist involved are: Alberto BIASI, Henrick BLOMQVIST, Enzo CACCIOLA, Pierluigi CALIGNANO, Roberto CODA ZABETTA, Maurizio DONZELLI, Ettore FAVINI, GOLDIECHIARI, Riccardo GUARNERI, Emilio ISGRÒ, Ugo LA PIETRA, Marco LODOLA e Giovanna FRA, Carolina MAZZOLARI, Ugo NESPOLO, Giovanni OZZOLA, Gioni David PARRA, Francesca PASQUALI, Pino PINELLI, Fabrizio PLESSI, Gianni POLITI, Laura RENNA, Marta SPAGNOLI, Serena VESTRUCCI, Gianfranco ZAPPETTINI.