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CURE3 | at Bohams London UK | 5-8 September 2020,
The unique concept for Cure3 remains the same: each artist is given a bespoke Perspex cube
measuring just 20cm3 as a compact space to interact with in any way to create original artworks on or within. For Cure3 2020 over 90 participating artists including leading names from the world of fashion will be participating. The resultant highly sought-after and collectable artworks will be exhibited at Bonhams from 5-8 September and sold online with prices ranging from under £1000 to over £40,000.
Carolina Mazzolari, Preyer Wheel Study, 2020 Perspex cube, oak, steel, reflective fabric, foam
For Cure3 this evocative artwork by Mazzolari, Prayer Wheel Study, combines both futuristic and traditional elements. The artist has created a piece which conjures up the meditative quality of Tibetan prayer wheels and primitive clocks. The reflective fabric floor is activated with any direct light, forming a sort of halo which heightens the spiritual aspect of the spinning solid oak sculpture. A first study of a ‘metaphysical installation corner’, this work invites the viewer to ponder, as within a religious or sacred space.