Verger Milano, 2004 -2011

Carolina started working for Verger milano as a textile designer in 2004,
In 2007 became head of Textiles

Together with Cristiano & Enrico Verger Conceived and founded VERGER KITCHEN which opened in 2009 in the BRERA  Art district of Milan .
VERGER KITCHEN was designed and conceived as one of the first concept stores in the city center .
A dynamic space, merging Design, fashion, food and exhibiting space .
9 windows to showcase, encourage and embrace young creativity in a variety of fields

through selected artworks and products that successfully combined quality, research  with an innovative graphical language.

”Verger is a pioneer in the sometimes conservative business establishment of Milan. It is thoughtful individuals behind a very savvy brand that not only taps into, but clearly cares deeply about the best of today’s zeitgeist and emphasises quality, creativity, sustainability, craftsmanship, simplicity and change. ”

”Last year, they opened a shiny new space at the pinnacle of Via Varese and Via Volta that is, in their words “a place that embraces young creativity” and is one in a handful of bright spots in the ongoing renaissance of Milan as a creative capital in a century with radically altered priorities. The open and warm space, executed by Marco Bonelli of BAM Design, is modular and dynamic and includes an inventive restaurant, Verger Kitchen, as well as a boutique and exhibition spaces”

”The core of Verger, in any case, lies in its highly regarded line that in turn finds its roots in cashmere purveyor Cristiano Fissore. Today, the collection is designed by the very talented Carolina Mazzolari, an alumnus of the University of Arts of London. Carolina describes herself as first and foremost as textile designer , and thus brings a rigorous expertise of fibre and construction. She impressively not only conceives each Verger piece, but also designs the textiles they’re made from. With an almost Scandinavian sensibility, she sources raw materials from Italy when possible, and always with an equal eye towards sustainability and luxury. The designer’s lines are pure, use of colour is sober, and the resultant pieces are enduringly beautiful. Over coffee Carolina hinted of a possible future men’s line under the label. We’re already queuing. ”

10A+VERGER, collezione maglieria
10A firma con Verger una coloratissima collezione di maglieria uomo.

” L’inconfondibile disegno della maglieria donna Verger, disegnata dalla textile e fashion designer Carolina Mazzolari, tradizionalmente sofistica e decisa viene declinata ed applicata in una collezione uomo super colorata fatta da pochi modelli declinati in varianti di colore e tessuti ricercati. ”